Two Hilton Hotel Brands Arrive in Boulder

Two Hilton Hotel Brands Arrive in Boulder

KEVIN CRISS, COLORADO REAL ESTATE JOURNAL | It’s a blue sky Colorado day and Jim Johnson, founding partner of Denver’s Johnson Nathan Strohe architecture and design firm, is sitting across the street from the two-hotel project he’s been spearheading in central Boulder.

Asked what he’s most proud of with this project, Johnson responds without a second of hesitation, as if he’s been pondering the question for a while.

“This project gives me a huge sense of pride because it’s a professional homecoming,” he says looking at the project. “I first started studying architecture in 1971 up on the hill at the university, got my environmental design degree, then my Master of Architecture. To be here when the building is being framed and look up at the Flatirons and the campus and all, and think about how much I’ve learned about hotels since I was a young college student in Boulder, well, it’s just really very gratifying.”

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Photo by Michelle Meunier Photography