Denver Hotel Lobby Design: Johnson Nathan Strohe

1999 Chestnut Place

Focus Property Group
233 Guestrooms
Denver, Colorado
Year Complete


12-story high-rise Hilton Garden Inn with a full complement of amenities and underground parking. The project will rehabilitate the historic Hose Company No. One building as a signature restaurant.


The industrial revolution was the gateway to new means of construction methods such as steam engines, railways, canals, and macadam roads – all vital tools in the expansion and growth of the area bringing in new means of transportation and jobs. The Hose House was built at the brink of this revolution and exemplifies building techniques and expression assimilated with that time period. The structure still remains on the corner of Chestnut and 19th and provides character in the neighborhood while speaking to the building’s roots. This corner location now acts as a threshold for new growth as local businesses, commercial properties and residential developments rise.