Dovehill Capital Management
287 Guestrooms, 11 Suites
Reston, Virginia
Year Complete


This project features both architectural and interior design renovations, including: deferred maintenance for elevator upgrades, chillers & boilers upgrade, as well as facade updates, a 22,000 SF meeting space update, guestroom bathroom updates, interior design connecting lobby and outdoor pool area creating a distinct courtyard concept with an outdoor bar, the redesign of existing 7,000SF restaurant including reallocating partial space to meeting space and creating an updated bar / restaurant and new 4,000 SF restaurant and kitchen addition.


Inspired by the natural surroundings, the updates incorporate many biophilic design elements. Natural and simulated wood will be strategically placed around both the interiors and exterior, which mimics the numerous trees found in the neighborhood and will bring warmth to the building. Organic cellular patterns and vertical repetition will be incorporated throughout the design. Together, all of these natural elements will add a softer, more human side to complement the existing building’s 1970’s modernist style.