Architects on Architecture: Denver Stars Pick Their Favorite Buildings

Architects on Architecture: Denver Stars Pick Their Favorite Buildings

BY MARGARET JACKSON, CONFLUENCE DENVER | Some of Denver’s top architects name their picks — and their pans — of the buildings in city limits, as well as a few in other places around the world, from Sydney to New York City.
Just look around Denver, and you’ll see a city that’s filled with interesting buildings — many of them designed by “starchitects” like Daniel Libeskind, David Adjay and Michael Graves.

To be sure, there are many that missed the mark, but overall, Denver has a skyline to be proud of.

We asked some of Denver’s leading architects which buildings are their favorite — and least favorite. We asked them what buildings throughout the United States and around the world they like. Their answers varied. They admire architects like Frank Gehry, I.M. Pei and Frank Lloyd Wright. They agree on some things and disagree on others.

Jim Johnson, founding partner of JOHNSON NATHAN STROHE (formerly JG Johnson Architects), says one of his favorite buildings is the Little Man Ice Cream milk can. “It’s very symbolic of its function,” Johnson says. “It’s simple, it’s fun, it attracts people. That’s what architecture should do is engage people. People ask whether it’s really a building. The answer is yes — it’s enclosed space, and it’s heated and cooled.”

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photo by Kara Pearson Gwinn