Celebrating Women’s History Month at JNS

Celebrating Women’s History Month at JNS

March is Women’s History Month, specifically meant to lift up and celebrate women of all kinds, but at JNS, we take pride in our gender diversity year-round. 

Historically, architecture has been a male-dominated profession, but women are increasingly entering and making their mark on the field. JNS remains dedicated to paving the way for women to continue doing great things in design.

We’re proud to be on the AIA’s national list of top architecture employers for female staff, with women making up more than three-quarters of our company’s leadership team. JNS’s commitment to diversity of place and background is the foundation of the practice, and those ideas extend to the company’s personnel. 

For years, JNS has had formal and informal initiatives in place that support women in the workplace, including flexibility for working moms to foster continued career growth as well as creating an environment in which established professionals mentor younger women on how to develop a strong start in the architecture profession. Although every employee at the firm is seen as an equal architect or designer, regardless of gender, JNS recognizes and honors that extra effort is often needed to help historically marginalized groups reach the equity they deserve. 

These efforts are not only the right thing to do, but they are also good for business, bringing in a diversity of perspectives that leads to successful projects and long-term clients. Studies going back as far as the 1990s show that diverse voices improve business operations, lead to more innovative thinking and boost bottom lines. 

This month, and every month, we are proud to continue championing for gender equality in the architecture field.