Hotel St. Cloud Renovation Featured on CBS Denver

Hotel St. Cloud Renovation Featured on CBS Denver

JOHNSON NATHAN STROHE unveiled plans for the renovation of the Hotel St. Cloud in Cañon City with CBS Denver earlier this month. In partnership with Unbridled, we are currently in the early conceptual design phase to reopen and restore this historic building. 

The Hotel St. Cloud boasts a rich, colorful history that we aim to preserve and honor with our design. Originally opened in 1890, the Hotel St. Cloud sits along Colorado’s longest Main Street, just miles from the Royal Gorge Bridge. The town’s stunning landscape attracted Hollywood in the early 20th century, serving as the backdrop in films such as John Wayne’s True Grit and The Miracle Rider. 

Today, the town’s economy is built largely around the prison system, which employs a majority of the population of approximately 16,500. The Hotel St. Cloud has been closed for many years, and travelers currently lack places to stay when visiting Cañon City. We envision this hotel will create a needed “living room” for travelers and locals in the community. 

Our design for the 42-room boutique hotel includes an interactive lobby space with gorgeous, modern interiors, leaving guests with a lasting first impression. Honoring the area’s history, the design includes authentic materials that speak to the context of Main Street. We will also incorporate a forward-thinking design to reflect a promising future for this historic town. 

There are plans in the works for a farm-to-table restaurant to occupy the ground-floor retail space, where customers can enjoy a meal before heading out on an adventure-filled day or unwind at the end of a long day in the great outdoors. 

Watch the full story to hear JOHNSON NATHAN STROHE Partner Tobias Strohe share the inspiration behind the design and how the reopening will help activate the Main Street once again.