Infusing Artwork Inspired by Denver’s “Beat Generation” at the Sheraton Hotel

Infusing Artwork Inspired by Denver’s “Beat Generation” at the Sheraton Hotel

Artwork plays an important role in any space, especially in hotels. Art has the power to create an intriguing and captivating environment that draws guests in and makes a lasting first impression. Infusing artwork into hotels can also add an important storytelling component that highlights its identity and place in time. 

For our Sheraton Denver Downtown Hotel renovation project, we felt it was important that the artwork fit into the context of the hotel’s place in Downtown Denver. Our design for the iconic hotel reflects the history of the 1950s “beat generation” in Denver, a time when travel, adventure and music encouraged sharing experiences through free expression. 

We’ve incorporated many mid-century influences that nod to this era, including two large scale macramé installations commissioned through our art consultant Daniel Fine Art Services.

Although the origin of the macramé dates back to the Arabic weavers of the 13th century, the technique and aesthetic experienced a surge in popularity in the 1970’s. Through their unique application and process, artists Jeff Peters and Windy Chien have fashioned modern pieces that add a layer of tactile softness and warmth throughout the hotel’s public spaces.

Jeff created the panel piece pictured above, which will be installed in the main lobby near the elevators. Windy crafted the large white piece pictured below, which will be installed on the wall of a lounge area near the lobby bar, flanked by two custom wood tambour-paneled private phone booths.

JNS was also proud to work with other local artisans who played an integral role in the completion of the Sheraton Hotel. These include Garrett Brown Designs for custom furniture, Living Design Studios for custom metal work and Genesis Hospitality Corporation for woodwork. 

Sheraton Downtown Denver Hotel is slated for completion in November of this year!