The Maven Hotel: An Insider Tour with Nicole Nathan

The Maven Hotel: An Insider Tour with Nicole Nathan

With each hotel project we take on, the design is heavily influenced and inspired by the context of the surrounding neighborhood and the history of the site. We want guests to have an authentic, local experience that is unique to the community they’re visiting.

The Maven Hotel expresses an industrial, downtown loft feel reflecting the neighborhood in which it sits – Denver’s Lower Downtown (LoDo) – an area rich with historic, industrial brick buildings, many of which have been lovingly restored for a modern tenant. The stylish, simple design celebrates craftsmanship and the spirt of the maker – themes that resonate strongly with Denver’s history and its people.

Throughout The Maven, each design detail has a story – a purpose – whether that is reinforcing the building’s history or facilitating the creation of new stories by bringing people together through design. Nicole Nathan, partner at JOHNSON NATHAN STROHE, is here to give you the inside scoop!

The Spirit of the Fox

Each space begins with a story. At The Maven, we were inspired by the independent spirit of the fox. Encountering one in the urban fabric is unexpected and a reminder of the wild independent spirit of the animal. We wanted to capture this spirit at the Maven. The image of the fox makes appearances throughout the hotel. When you step off the elevator on any floor, for example, look to the left and you’ll see a portrait of a different dapper fox.

Not Your Average Ice Machine

Little details matter, and they’re the perfect place to demonstrate the power of Pragmatic Beauty. In this case, this sleek, modern steel cover for the ice machine serves a functional purpose, of course, but it is also a design element. The raw steel reflects the industrial history of LoDo, subtly enhancing the guest experience.

Let The Sunshine In

Ever get lost in one of those dark, maze-like hotel hallways? Us too. At the visual terminus of the corridor, floor-to-ceiling windows let the sunlight fill the space and enhance wayfinding. Planters at each of these locations house over 6,000 succulent plants, all grown locally in Wheat Ridge, Colorado.
The Maven Hotel Denver Architecture and Design

A Nod to the Past

The guestroom numbers at The Maven are a nod to the maker spirt of the Dairy Block in which The Maven resides. Each number is made up of a series of nails. The wood boards reference the site’s history (once a lumber yard). The wood is Colorado beetle kill pine.

The Maven Hotel Denver: Design Details

Flooring That Makes a Statement

The suites in The Maven feature a chevron patterned cork flooring. This is another example of Pragmatic Beauty in action as the floor choice makes a striking visual statement, but it is also comfortable underfoot, and acts as a natural thermal and acoustic insulator.
Flooring Design Detail: Hotel Interior Design

Expect the Unexpected

Adding a touch of whimsy and playfulness, The Maven features hanging chairs in many of the guest rooms. A reading light hangs in the center making a perfect place to perch with a book.

The Maven Hotel Denver: Architecture

Bold Tilework

If you’re on social media in Denver, you’ve probably seen the tilework in the Maven. The tile patterns are inspired by tattoo sleeves donned by the urbanite bartenders, artists and creatives abounding locally. These patterns can be found in the elevators, hallways and even a few of the suites.
Interior Design: The Maven Hotel Tiling Detail
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