hotel st. cloud renovation

Unbridled Holdings
42 Guestrooms
Cañon City, Colorado
Year Complete
2020 (In Progress)


Historic boutique hotel located on Main Street in Cañon City, in Freemont County, Colorado. Originally constructed in 1883, the hotel boasts a rich history of multiple names, brands, owners, and usages throughout the 1900’s, but was always seen as an anchor point for Cañon City. Features on the lobby level will include a full-service restaurant including a chef’s counter and private event space, bar and lounge. On the second level, a large existing balcony was historically used for people to watch parades on Main Street, and will be restored for both public and private use.


The vision for Hotel St. Cloud is to provide a living room for locals of Cañon City, while simultaneously adding a new element to the historic town that draws in more visitors and makes it a destination town tucked away in the mountains of Colorado. Influences of the rugged and raw elements of Cañon City — wood, steel, and other locally sourced materials — have a heavy focus in the design. Paying tribute to the rich history of both Cañon City and Hotel St. Cloud, while also honoring the local activities that draw tourists to the city, was the backbone of the concept. The marriage of new and old will bring this historic anchor point of Cañon City back to life, giving back to its community and welcoming in new visitors.


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