Moxy Hotel

BMC Investments
170 Guestrooms
Denver, Colorado
Year Complete


Architectural and Interior Design of 8-story hotel in Denver’s Cherry Creek North neighborhood. The 170-room Moxy is geared toward the modern millennial traveler with an emphasis on experiential design that encourages social interaction. The architecture is designed to blend cohesively into the fabric of one of Denver’s most iconic neighborhoods.



Setting the tone for the guest experience, the lobby is activated with a lounge area that features retro-inspired games like foosball and shuffleboard, as well as a communal workspace. The lobby bar functions as the registration desk as well as the food and beverage center, featuring coffee in the morning and transitioning throughout the day into a lively cocktail bar at night. Large movable glass walls in front of the bar open to an outdoor beer garden with three levels of fire pits and seating. Pops of playfulness can be found around every corner through neon quote signs, large graffiti art pieces by local artists, conference tables turned ping-pong tables and an original ski chairlift suspended from the ceiling. The upper levels include a fitness center and a flexible indoor/outdoor event space overlooking the tiered beer garden.

The tech-enabled guestrooms are expertly designed within 180 square feet. Closets are replaced with a peg wall for hanging items, and under-bed drawers provide adequate storage.

With a camp-like design, the guestrooms also feature folding furniture and lantern-inspired lighting. The headboard incorporates brown leather straps to mirror packing straps used by gold miners. Hanging leather pouches, reminiscent of saddle bags, on the side of the bed serve as extra storage while providing easy access to power outlets below.

Energetic artwork clads the corridor walls meshing found objects with new work and colorful prints by well-known local artists. Around each turn is a different art installation, varying in theme from level to level. Moxy’s unpredictable, communal atmosphere delivers unexpected experiences and seamlessly contributes to the known hotel scene, creating something uniquely different.