Pierside North Apartments

GF Properties Group, LLC
66 Residences
Oceanside, California
Year Complete


Pierside North lends its residents to a coastal lifestyle as a renewed energy is exemplified through the interior design. A multi-layered conceptual framework exhibiting strength, rhythm, and adventure brings the project to life in the context of Oceanside. The leasing office represents the foundation of the project with a wood ceiling reminiscent of the Pier at Oceanside. The clubroom and courtyard represent the life and energy of the building, with panoramic views from the upper courtyard.

The interior design responds to the active Californian beach lifestyle. It balances a contemplative attitude with energy and rhythm. Classic elements create a timeless design. The strength of the pier, which is a landmark in the city, is translated to the design by material details. A sense of adventure comes across the use of fire pits, playful lights, and accessories that are meant to tease the mind, reflecting the energy from the sea.