The Crawford Hotel

Union Station Alliance
112 Guestrooms
Denver, Colorado
Year Complete


The Crawford Hotel is part of the $54 million transformation of the historic Union Station in the heart of downtown Denver. Designed as Denver’s living room, this historic re-use project began construction in December 2012 and opened in July 2014. It has profoundly changed the landscape of the city and spurred new development.

The concept of the hotel is based on the energy and vitality that a hotel brings to a space, making it a 24/7 operation. The station’s Beaux Arts-style Great Hall serves as both the hotel’s lobby and as a place for people to shop, eat, hang out, or wait for their bus or train.

One of the biggest challenges was to bring a 100-year old building up to code. Air conditioning was non-existent, and the heating system was outdated. The electrical system had to be replaced, there were no adequate fire exits, and it was not accessible.


Tremendous efforts were made to maintain the essence of the space and meet the requirements for the historic tax credits. The design of the guestrooms finds a balance between the old building and the new spirit of the project. An eclectic collection of 112 guestrooms inspired by Denver’s history, travel and the urban experience unveil the iconic personality of the hotel, an extraordinary contemporary reinterpretation of the past.



2016 AIA Design Awards
The Crawford Hotel
Honorable Mention for Interior Architecture

2015 11th Hospitality Design Awards
The Crawford Hotel
Finalist Open Category

The Crawford Hotel
BEST of the BEST Award

2015 AIA Merit Award
The Crawford Hotel
Built Architecture

2015 Urban Land Institute
The Crawford Hotel
Global Awards for Excellence