Project Insight: Maximizing Value Through Interior Design and Architecture

Project Insight: Maximizing Value Through Interior Design and Architecture

Since 1993, JOHNSON NATHAN STROHE has specialized in delivering integrated architecture and interior design solutions for hospitality, urban housing and mixed-use projects. Through our extensive work, we have seen firsthand the benefits of having our architect and interior design teams under one roof. 

Two team members from both our architecture and interior design teams share the ways this integrated approach can save clients time and money and create a more cohesive final product. 

From Lizzie Ager, interior designer at JNS: 

“From a practical standpoint, it’s fantastic and really empowering [to have this approach] as an interior designer. We are able to get into the model and work on the room layouts at the same time as the structural model is happening… Because of that I think a lot of our floor plans are better.” 

From Sarah Linback, Associate Principal

“There’s not that clear delineation between architecture and interior design, and there’s so much overlap. I think this approach brings a level of respect and collaboration.” 

We are proud of the way our integrated teams are able to help execute the vision for our projects. Here are a few examples of projects that feature JNS’ integrated approach to architecture and interior design:

The Moxy Hotel in Cherry Creek, Denver

The Pierside South Apartments in Oceanside, California

The Maven Hotel in Downtown Denver. 

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