Sheraton Hotel Porte Cochere: What Would I.M. Pei Do?

Sheraton Hotel Porte Cochere: What Would I.M. Pei Do?

At the top of Denver’s iconic 16th Street Mall, our vision for the Sheraton Downtown Denver Hotel renovation is quickly becoming a reality. With an emphasis on contextual design, we approached the renovation by asking ourselves, “what would I.M. Pei do?” 

The renowned architect behind the original Sheraton Hotel design, I.M. Pei had an adoration for bold geometric patterns, clearly evident through some of his other major projects such as the iconic rattlesnake-patterned pavers along the 16thStreet Mall. Our design pays homage to Pei’s design philosophy and impeccable use of geometry perhaps most powerfully through the distinct porte cochere. 

Serving to help visually connect the two towers of the hotel, the outdoor porte cochere creates a striking architectural first impression of the hotel. 

One of the strongest characteristics of Pei’s work is his focus on light. When combined with geometric forms, his work creates an unmistakable interplay between daylight and shadow. By introducing a diamond-shaped grid into the canopy, we were able to use the beams to create a delightful play of light on the entry drive. 

Further playing on Pei’s love for geometry, the Bezel bar features a diamond-shaped grid pattern. The dramatic angles and glass facets of the bar serve to anchor and highlight the eastern end of the mall.

Our design for the hotel’s porte cochere and other common spaces creates a distinct experience inspired by the era of the building’s original construction in the late 50’s and early 60’s. In the cladding of the canopy, we reference materials that were commonly used in that era, and by Pei himself, but in a more modern way.  

The canopy also includes color-changing LED lights, similar to Union Station and the City & County Building in Civic Center Park, to help celebrate holidays, charitable events, and other local festivities like the Rockies Opening Day or Denver Broncos games. 

Slated for completion next month, we are excited to show the final product soon! Click here to learn more about the Sheraton Denver Downton Hotel renovation.