Sheridan Station Tops Out!

Sheridan Station Tops Out!

While we couldn’t host an in-person ceremony, JNS recently celebrated the topping out of the Sheridan Station Apartments, an eight-story affordable housing project in West Denver.

Located at 5330 West 11th Ave., and adjacent to the Regional Transportation District (RTD) W Line at 13th and Sheridan, the Sheridan Station Apartments offer 133 residential homes, including 92 one‐bedroom, 29 two‐bedroom and 12 three‐bedroom units. This 129,274-square-foot project is scheduled to open in the first quarter of 2021. 

“Affordable housing projects require a high level of creativity and efficiency in order to create spaces that are both functional and beautiful for the individual and community,” said Cassie Turbow, JNS associate and project manager on Sheridan Station Apartments. “Utilizing Sheridan Station Apartments’ incredibly efficient structural system, we designed a unique architectural feature on the exterior while creating bright, open living areas for residents to enjoy.”

A $29 million project, the Sheridan Station Apartments is the culmination of a ten‐year effort to bring affordable housing to the Sheridan Light Rail Station on RTD’s W line, which opened in 2013. The project includes 114 homes for families whose income is below 60% of the Area Median Income (AMI), eight homes for incomes below 40% AMI, and 11 homes for incomes below 30% AMI.

RTD agreed to lease a portion of Sheridan Station’s 800-space parking garage to Mile High Development, which helped reduce the number of parking spaces needed in the building, maximize the number of units, and optimize the building’s footprint to keep the project in budget. Residents will have access to 12 covered parking spaces onsite, as well as 100 additional spaces in an adjacent RTD parking lot.

Sheridan Station Apartments is part of an Urban Land Conservancy community land trust, which protects the long-term affordability on the site for at least 99 years. 

A big thank you to our incredible partners on the project, Alliance Construction Solutions (ACS), Mile High Developmentand Brinshore Development!