The Many Virtual Faces of JNS Partner Tobias Strohe!

The Many Virtual Faces of JNS Partner Tobias Strohe!

Like so many companies, virtual meetings are the new normal at JNS. While we can’t be together during Denver’s stay-at-home-order, seeing our team member’s faces during Zoom meetings helps us stay connected. And some team members are even taking it to the next level with fun costumes and virtual backgrounds! Enjoy as we take you through a tour of the many Zoom looks of the one and only, Tobias Strohe. 

Tobias gave all Super Mario fans a kick with this look (see above). Here he is fully dressed as Mario, inside Peach’s castle. Mama mia!

Who says a virtual background has to match your costume? A nutty professor perhaps? This time, Tobias’ cat, Smudge, made a cameo! 

For this look, Tobias gets an A+ for creativity and commitment! Tobias and his wife Holly appeared in Salvador Dali’s famous “The Persistence of Memory” piece. And please note that Holly is holding a real ‘clock’ prop – such amazing artistry! 

“Speed Racer” fans will certainly appreciate this ensemble. Go Speed Racer, go!

Thanks for keeping us laughing during these difficult times, Tobias!