The Sum of Many Partners: The Sheraton Hotel

The Sum of Many Partners: The Sheraton Hotel

Celebrating and enhancing the experience of the world traveler is at the heart of the Sheraton Hotel’s reimagined story. Through every carefully selected material and customized detail found throughout the hotel, our design works to capture the early traveler’s spirit – one that saw possibility in the world at every turn. 

As the Sheraton Hotel project nears completion, we would like to take a moment to highlight some of our incredible partners who have been integral in making this vision a reality.

The Metal Fabricator: Living Design Studios

Living Design Studios is a woman-owned business and a valued partner of JNS. After working together on the custom architectural screen at the entry to the Sheraton Hotel, our team appreciated their collaborative approach and incredible work ethic so much, we decided to find other ways to get them involved in the project, including the coffee bar feature design, the registration pods and the metal work elements within the destination bar. Their work helped us bring the design vision to life and each fabrication really came together seamlessly. A huge thank-you to the entire team at Living Design.

The registration pods in the check-in area.
A look at some of the metal work elements Living Design Studio created for the hotel. 
The coffee bar in the lobby of the hotel.

The Millwork: Genesis Hospitality

This was our first time working with Genesis Hospitality, and they have executed some truly beautiful details at the Sheraton Hotel. In particular, we want to call out their work on the phone booths found in the lobby. 

The intent of these private, acoustically separate spaces was to create a place within the bustling lobby where one can find a quiet space to call home or hold a confidential business meeting. We wanted the booths to remind guests and visitors of the classic phone booths of the 1960s – a time in American history when we began to see travel – both for business and leisure – on an unprecedented scale. 

These phone booths created by Genesis Hospitality provide a private space in the lobby.
Bookshelves crafted by Genesis Hospitality in the Sheraton Hotel lobby and clubroom.

The Custom Furnishings: Garrett Brown Designs

Garrett Brown Designs has been a longtime partner of JNS, and we have had great success working with this talented team of carpenters and artists. Their attention to detail and willingness to push the boundaries of convention is the reason they have become our go-to shop for many hospitality projects. The work they produce is always beautiful, and their custom capabilities help bring a unique sense of life to each project – through materials, details and character. Take a look at their work below (photos courtesy of Garrett Brown Designs and Woody Roseland).

The community tables at the Sheraton Hotel create a space where guests can come together and socialize. Photo courtesy of Garrett Brown Designs and Woody Roseland.
A place to grab a snack in the breakfast area. Photo courtesy of Garrett Brown Designs and Woody Roseland.
A clubroom communal table for socializing, working or relaxing. Photo courtesy of Garrett Brown Designs and Woody Roseland.

We also want to call out our partners at Tynan Group and PWI Construction for their ongoing commitment to seeing a quality end result on this effort. In any project, a strong design story is vital, but it’s the details that really make the difference. We’re grateful to work with so many partners who put their heart and soul into the details on this project. We can’t wait to show you the final product very soon!